Fire Alarms

As a life safety system, the primary function of a Fire Detection and Alarm system is for notification and evacuation of personnel.

Fire alarm systems are among the most vital components of your building’s fire protection strategy. Having a working, well-maintained fire alarm system is crucial for keeping your building safe from fires and for keeping it up to code.

As with most things in your building, your fire alarm system’s future performance is largely dependent on how well it’s initially installed and how frequently it is inspected and tested.

If you need fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services, please call us at 713-473-0008.


  • Yearly
  • Inspection and testing of control panels, initiating devices, alarm communication equipment and remote annunciators
  • 2 Years
  • Sensitivity and function tests performed on smoke detection devices


  • Inspect the system to ensure all NFPA service and condition standards are met
  • Inquire about any changes made to the fire detection and alarm system and changes in operation or general occupancy since the last inspection
  • Test the operation of the main and remote fire alarm panels
  • Inspect and test smoke/heat detectors
  • Inspect and test all enunciators and zones
  • Inspect all batteries
  • Inspect all output relays and test their activation
  • Inspect all flow switches, tamper switches, and low-pressure alarms
  • Clean the detectors as needed according to the manufactures guidelines
  • Test non-restorable heat detector circuits
  • Perform functional test on all accessible heat-actuating devices
  • Inspect all supervised control valves and switches
  • Verify that all signals are received by the Central Station or monitoring company, if applicable
  • Tag devices as required, perform all required record keeping and complete a report of the inspection

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