Backflow Systems

Battleground Fire Protection does its part in protecting the environment and the earth’s water supply by properly installing, maintaining, inspecting and repairing back flow prevention systems. A Backflow device is a mechanical device that ensures water flows in a single direction. Backflows are one-way devices that are critical in keeping potable and non-potable water from mixing.

A backflow system must be tested and certified annually. The exact requirements for backflow preventers can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. During this test, water is manipulated through the device to make sure that check valves close and that relief valves open. Since backflow preventers are mechanical devices with metal, plastic, and rubber parts that are under constant water pressure, they are susceptible to failure and need replacement or repair. In some cases, full replacement of the device or assembly will be necessary to uphold the integrity of our water supply. You can count on Battleground Fire Protection to install backflow preventers in your commercial property, or schedule routine maintenance or testing and keep your property in compliance with local AHJ requirements.


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