About Us

BattleGround Fire Protection

The mission of BattleGround Fire Protection is to provide high quality fire protection services and systems designed to protect people, property and business operations. We are driven to be the market leader and to provide incredible value to our customers.

Our goals are:

  1. to develop a best-of-class brand and reputation with our customers,
  2. to hire and retain employees committed to building a reputable fire protection services and systems company, and
  3. to grow and operate a cost efficient business.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, safety and continuous improvement.

BattleGround Fire Protection started with the idea that doing things the right way, looking after your employees and customers mean something. After some casual conversations a plan started to develop. With the love of Texas and the Gulf Coast area in mind, BattleGround Fire Protection was formed.

BattleGround Fire Protection has more than 65 combined years of fire sprinkler, construction and business experience. With state licensed RME's, certified back flow inspectors, highly qualified service technicians and installers that make up our team, BGFP is ready to tackle any size project with the same exceptional approach to quality for each customer.