Meet some of our management team:

Rusty Hellyer

Rusty Hellyer
President / Founder

40+ years of Construction and Commercial Real Estate Development Industries

Experienced in the construction industry with personal knowledge of ground up developments. Commercial Real Estate project management with budget and expense relation controls for multiple building types. Founded and headed multiple corporations over the past 20+ years with direct hands on involvement in the day-to-day operations. Trained in machine instrumentation, electrical controls and certified in welding of different types of alloy's bringing a total construction approach to our industry.

Steven K Teel

Steven K. Teel
Vice President of Operations

35+ years in the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Experienced in all aspects of the fire sprinkler industry including design, marketing, sales, project management, procurement, field operations and inspections just to mention a few. Has an estimated $200 million in project sales over the course of his career with no defaults. Currently oversees all operations with the primary focus on project estimation and management, and field quality control measures providing complete fire sprinkler industry knowledge and techniques to all company situations.

Shari Teel

Shari Teel
Administrative & Purchasing Manager

10+ years in the Fire Sprinkler Industry

25+ years of Administration, Customer Service & Purchasing

Experienced in the areas of procurement management and facilitation, office management including employee and customer relations and estimating assistant, with knowledge of contract documents and bid procedures.